Vulcan Quality – Made in Germany

As a customer you should have the right to choose the best products available on the market. For most people, the label Made in Germany is a symbol of the highest quality standards in testing and reliability.

CWT meets the high standards demanded for Made in Germany production. We ensure this by extensive checks in our own Quality Lab covering numerous quality controls and precise documentation. This leads to the certified approval by the German TÜV, German CE and the German Certificate of Origin. In addition, sustainable production and environmental awareness are part of our practice.

Vulcan Made in Germany

German Quality Certifications

 The “German TÜV” is a independent institution that assesses products for safety and reliability. When a product passes the strict regulations it is awarded the TÜV/GS mark which indicates that the product was tested and certified for safety according to the “German Equipment Safety Law”. The GS mark is a certification that includes periodic factory inspections covering the quality system for the product’s production. This law requires inspectors to frequently assess whether the manufacturer is able to maintain all the specifications of the tested product in his production. During this factory inspection, the implementation of the quality system, the production environment, and production related testing and measurement equipment is evaluated.

CE Approval: The CE mark certifies that a product has met German and European Union consumer safety, health or environmental requirements. “CWT hereby declares that this product is operating in accordance with the following EU-guidelines: 73/23/EG; 89/336/EG which is certified by the CE-mark. The equipment corresponds to the requirements of the German Industrial Safety Act and the European low-voltage guidelines.”

UL Approval: The UL – Underwriters Laboratories Inc. – is an international quality and safety approval institution with headquarters in Illinois, USA. The UL-mark on a product states that UL has tested and evaluated the product and determined that the electronics fulfil the strict safety guidelines. All Vulcan switching power adaptors are meeting these requirements and comply with international standards.

Certificate of Origin: Germany: The Certificate of Origin (CO) names and officially approves the country where the goods are actually produced. For Germany the certificate is issued by the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK). It approves the German origin (Made in Germany) after thorough investigation of the origin of each individual part of the product and after assessment of the production site in Germany.

German-Trained Specialists doing the Job

CWT is an owner-run family business in its third generation. The company’s history dates back to 1948 when Hans Otto Christiani started a water pump company in Cologne. In 1977 Rolf Christiani specialized exclusively in scale and rust protection and since then has accumulated over 40 years of expertise – not many in the world can match that. Two of his children have chosen to follow the path of tradition and joined forces in their mission to produce the best water treatment systems possible.


Utilizing only the best material complying with German quality standards

At CWT we know that our products can only perform as well as the basic components they have been built with. Therefore, we only allow the best materials to go into production. From the smallest electrical component to the circuit board, castings, connection parts, specially designed impulse bands, custom made plugs, and packaging details. We only source materials that comply with strict German quality standards to produce excellent quality products.


Production in Germany – Trusting our Partners

When producing a complex unit such as a technical electronic device, it is crucial to know who you are working with. CWT products have always been made in Germany. We have known all our partners for years – sometimes decades. Controlling the quality outcome in such specialized processes makes it inevitable to always be on the mark – that´s our guarantee. Therefore, we produce everything “here” – in Germany.


Research & Development – German Technology Innovation

Germany is often referred to as the country of inventors, famous for its scientists, productivity and effectiveness. We strongly believe that constant research, scientific eagerness and precise monitoring of our products’ performance is the key to excellence. The science of eco-friendly scale-protection is a relatively young field and CWT has shaped its development right from the start.



Professional German Scientists, Consultation and Services

It is not only important that our products are of high-class quality, it is also important to implement and install them correctly. CWT consultants are excellently trained to design the best solution for your situation. Above all, we are proud to provide German service standards -efficient, fast and on time.