Go Green with Vulcan

Preserving nature – we care about the environment

Water resources are a valuable good. We require fresh water but only 2.5% of the earth’s water is fresh, and over two thirds of that is frozen in glaciers and ice caps. The use of water softeners contributes to a decrease in the available fresh water on our planet. Therefore, it is important to use eco-friendly technologies and stop harming the environment.

When it comes to sustainability and green practices, we can each play our part. The careful and conscious use of water is essential to preserving nature. Furthermore, reducing energy consumption is one of the most effective ways to contribute to a green lifestyle.


CWT specializes in eco-friendly technologies

All of our products are based on eco-friendly technologies. We are following the footprint of many German companies who have been pioneers to green approaches in production, resource management and sustainability.

Vulcan eco friendly

Our Carbon Footprint

The German public institute „Der Grüne Punkt” (the Green Dot Dual System) monitors the products and packaging design of German manufactured goods. Products that are designed using recyclable materials display the Green Dot – as Vulcan, for example. Furthermore, designs that achieve a positive carbon footprint receive certification for their environmental-friendly approach.



Stopping unnecessary sodium discharge into our waterways and streams

Polluting the water with high concentration of salt: Salt-based water softeners (so-called ion-exchangers) are using salt to treat water. They exchange the minerals (calcium and magnesium ions) with twice as much sodium (salt) ions. This way, softeners considerably increase the salt content of the water, which is causes a considerable threat to the environment.

Wasting resources: softeners require large amounts of salt and huge amounts of additional water of up to 30-80 gallons per wash for a small residential unit (~110-300 l) to operate.


The US government has started to put a ban on water softeners

For the above mentioned reasons and mainly due to the great threat to the environment, the US government has started to ban softeners.